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Market Key endows you with unparalleled expertise, experience and excellence in performance. Through our extensive offices, we can introduce your product and/or service locally and internationally. We are experts in paving the way into a new market by using local resources within a global reach. 


Attributable to rough times and economic downturn, we strategically redefine our goals to keep businesses running lucratively. Through our well designed and channeled communicative chain of offices, branches and agents, we highlight novel and accurate opportunities for our clients. Forceful and dynamic, our highly professional team and talented colleagues combine a variety of cultural backgrounds and broad knowledge in the field to bring you the best services. Market Key owes its success and expansion of operations to its thriving workforce. This workforce is willing to stop at nothing to combat any problems you are facing. They will ensure your survival even in the harshest situations. This workforce with its diversity and expertise will help you expand your operations to ensure gross and continuity of your businesses.                                 

With the aid of offices situated in international urban cities around the world, Market Key ensures your success locally and makes global accomplishment within your reach. We provide you with market information, legal procedures, offices, professional assistance, qualified employees, expertise and studies that will be your key to new markets. 
Our professionals, with their exceptional talent and outstanding knowledge of their markets, are your solution as business management challenges arise. They all have an excellent professional background characterized by a solid analytical profile, an excellent ability for teamwork and a special talent for thriving at all levels in any business organization. Our consultants look for an exceptional working environment to perfect their skills. And so with our help, we offer our clients a highly motivated and prepared team and an excellent environment for professional development.
With the recent surge in the field of travel and tourism, Market key has ensured the provision of unprecedented and supreme services in these areas. A major aspect of our expertise lies in Branding & designing, Managing hotels, promoting touristic sites, religious sites and natural reservation areas. With our extensive trade contracts, experts in travel and tourism, strong ties to travel agents, promotional strategies, marketing tactics, tourism & travel exhibitions and shows, Market Key is the stepping-stone to clients seeking an investment in the field. Not only do we provide the most professional services, but we also do so in the most effective ways. At Market Key, we set a goal, and we never settle until achieving that goal 
The Dubai branch mall management unit, with extensive expertise in mall design and management for a 15 and more years experience in the GCC especially the UAE. Our international European architectural firm based in Spain and winner of best Mall designs in Europe and the MENA region. We promise and deliver best design and management of medium to large Malls. Contact us for more information and full presentation and credentials. 

 Market Key introduces a new service and Solution: Citizenship and Residency by investment in more than 15 countries. Collaborating with a Leading MEA Immigration consultants, 111immigration.com, we are able to pave your way to new economical and borderless opportunities.

If the idea of packing up and leaving has crossed your mind lately, you certainly are not alone.

With so many people across the globe staring at a new wave of COVID lockdowns, higher taxes, more chaos in their cities, etc., heading out for wider external space is an attractive proposition, especially now that so many people are able to work from home.

In Lebanon, we have very different challenges and problems. The country is on an edge of bankruptcy and most of the Lebanese bank deposits will soon evaporate.  Therefore, one’s Plan B should officially become Plan A.

If you are a Lebanese citizen, and only a Lebanese citizen, then you are at the mercy of whatever happens in your country. Period.
That is true no matter where you are from: Without options, you are stuck paying the consequences of other people’s infuriating and bad decisions.

Let me explain: One SUREFIRE way to create more options, secure your freedom, and create more prosperity in your life is to acquire a second passport. That way, you are not putting all your eggs into one country’s basket.
Even if you are not ready to make a move just yet, you might be concerned about the direction of your home country. In that case, you certainly want to at least start considering your options.

If you ever did have to leave, where would you go? That’s a question you want to answer way in advance, and not wait until you’re packing your bags. So if you ever do feel the need to make an abrupt exit, all the groundwork already has been laid.

That is why legal residency in a foreign country or seeking a dual citizenship is such an important part of a Plan B; it means that no matter what happens in your home country, you will always have another place to go. The ultimate security for you and your family!

This year we saw governments all over the world lock down their borders, shutting themselves off to foreigners. Nevertheless, if you had legal residency (or citizenship) in that country, in most
cases you were still allowed in.

Citizenship is still the ultimate insurance policy. In many respects, legal residency still provides a ton of similar benefits, but it can be easier and cheaper to obtain. 
The overall trend around the world certainly seems to be countries opening up to foreigners who want residency and citizenship.
Many governments have finally realized that they need to roll out the red carpet to foreign investors and highly mobile workers, so this is a positive sign.

Just remember that these programs can and do change. Moreover, on occasion, they are even cancelled—which recently happened with Cyprus’s Citizenship by Investment program.

Therefore, I would encourage you to, not delay. You will want to consider taking action before anything changes, and before your Plan B becomes your Plan A.
Insurance is only worthwhile if you have it before disaster strikes.

The best - and fastest - ways to obtain a second passport for you and your family is through Citizenship-by-Investment, (CBI) Or, Residency-by-Investment, (RBI). 
CBI and RBI programs give you instant options -- where you live, work, invest, travel, and retire. There are a dozen or so such programs around the world, with the quickest, easiest, and most affordable opportunities in the Caribbean and elsewhere in the world.
Check us out for the best solution and advice! With full transparency and dedication, Market Key has collaborated with the leading immigration by investment agencies in UAE to provide you the best and efficient second citizenship or residency out there.

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