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Exhibitions & Events
Exhibitions & Events

Events such as seminars, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and fairs are an integral part of business today. These events are excellent opportunities for promotion of products and services, meeting new clients, forming novel business relationships and reaching a wider market.

Market Key specializes in referring customers to events outside their internal markets and introducing them to new opportunities. Exhibiting at Market Key’s international shows is one of the most cost-effective ways to launch an international program abroad. Market Key clients penetrate lucrative international markets by assembling a successful and remarkable exhibition package.

Market Key plans to create additional exhibitions as a new communication venue - a space for clients and companies to share physical experiences and communicate with one another. In accordance with Market key’s corporate culture that emphasizes challenges, freedom and originality, current domestic and foreign exhibitions  are being evaluated in an attempt to plan an original and fascinating professional exhibition of the product or service.

Market Key represents, or has represented, as official sales agent in the Middle Eastern area, the following international and local exhibition organizers:

Futuroscope, Lebanon: Summer Sales& Christmas Fiesta

Beirut Hall, Lebanon: Sports, Leisure and Fun

AL Fajer Information & Services, Dubai: Autumn Trade Fair & Spring Trade Fair

ADIEX, Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi International Fair (ADIF).

MEDEX, Dubai (unavailable): Dubai Summer Fair.

CHANNELS, Dubai: Woman & Gulf Home Exhibition

Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai: Gulf Food, Hotels & Equipment  

Kazakhstan Exhibitions (Atakent): Lebanese industrialist Private Showcase Event

Dubai Festival - Dubai: Global Village

Expo Sharja, Sharja: MidEast Watch & Jewelry Show

UBM & AEM , Kingdom of Bahrain: Jewelry Arabia. (Existing)  

International Jewellery Exhibition - Muscat (IJEX) (Existing)


Exhibitions are one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relations. They are the only media where buyer, seller and product physically come together - a potent force for business. Therefore, Market Key does more than arranging an exhibition booth, Market key:

Facilitates  gateways to lucrative markets.

Creates exhibition concepts that promote clients overseas.

Gives companies unrivalled opportunities to break into new markets.

Provides targeted business networking and opportunities.

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