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HR Management & Placement
HR Management & Placement


Market Key
is one of the world's leading global providers of integrated Human Resources Consulting Solutions across the employment industry. Market Key assists clients maximize the return on investment in their workforce; adopt the most cost- effective tools and modules for hiring high professionals and skilled individuals to achieve their full potential through up-to-date training catalogues.

Market Key’s services are distinguished in five major areas:

1.    Assessing and attracting the best talents either from the local surroundings or foreign locations.

2.    Developing the best people in the client’s industry.

3.    Engaging, motivating and aligning the client’s most valuable asset, his workforce, with the client’s organization.

4.    Provisioning of employees through successful outplacement initiatives by means of well-structured and designed modules.

5.    Opening windows and career opportunities to graduate as well as undergraduate students and also providing integrated internship programs and training environments that enable students to enhance their personal capabilities when entering the work environment.

Since 1989, Market Key has been at the forefront in generating the outplacement industry of the GCC area and in expanding globally to match the pace of its multi-national clients.
In 2006, Market Key extended its services to include consulting clients addressing all aspects and fields of management, particularly those relating to human resource and organizational consulting needs.
With over 25 worldwide locations, Market Key has expanded exponentially to fulfill the needs of the most distinguished hotel chains, multinational corporate companies in the fields of insurance and reinsurance, banking and financial institutions, restaurants and entertainment clubs, construction and contracting companies, manufacturing companies and much more.

Market Key serves medium and large-sized businesses in all fields of commerce. Based in the heart of the Middle East, Market Key orients its efforts to serve all industries in high economic growth areas of the world and fulfill client demands for international expertise.

Market Key is ready to serve eager clients with qualified and skilled personnel, to enhance their structures so as to better face competition and face the economy’s downturn. With Market Key’s state of the art Human Resource solutions, placement techniques, qualified, and professional consultants with multinational cultural, linguistic and professional backgrounds, it will serve and achieve client success with most appreciated and anticipated results.

Because the success of client business is mainly dependent on Human Resources, Market Key recognizes each company is different and therefore its Human Resources approach must be tailored to the client’s specific needs. Market Key intently focuses on each specific requirement of the client and conducts an original approach to fulfill those requirements.

Human Resources Management

Market Key provides a vast array of services ranging from talent search to full HR Solutions. 
Human Resources Placement: 

A critical issue is encountered when hiring the right employee for the right position, whether employing a waiter or an operations director. To have a successful business, clients rely on Market Key to refer the right person for the right job. Market Key chooses motivated and enthusiastic candidates who will make all the difference.

By being based in the GCC for many years, Market Key is well aware of the challenges facing multinational companies and so has developed methods to combat them. Through its extensive network and database, Market Key enables clients to transform this challenge into a rewarding experience!

Nowadays, consumers are more influenced to make their buying decisions according to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues (i.e. Sustainable Development, Fair Trade, and Environmentally Friendly Solutions). Therefore, it is of utmost importance that businesses fully implement related policies in order to increase market shares in the face of competition. Market Key develops schemes adapted for each type of business, taking into account all related aspects.


Market Surveys

Market surveys assist clients in developing accurate forecasts by:

  • -    Gathering market information regarding opinions, trends and competitors.
  • -    Gauging interest in new products and service offerings.
  • -    Generating a targeted list of potential new customers.

Market Surveys: Design                                
Market Key’s market surveys implement customized designs created to meet each client's specific needs and strategic objectives. If the client has prepared a market survey, Market Key’s experts can administer it via the Internet, telephone, fax or paper. Market key’s market survey design consultancy services are standard to all clients, and all market survey instruments are analyzed and evaluated to assure validity, reliability and bias reduction.
Market research experience and expertise helps Market Key produce highly relevant market surveys yielding- sound and valid conclusions while achieving the maximum survey response rate possible.
Market Surveys: Methodologies
Market Key’s market surveys are reinforced by rigorous research methodologies to assure their reliability and effectiveness. Various technically advanced features can be included to insure a smoother operation and more complete survey results. These include:

  • Page-level branching logic so respondents are shown only relevant items.
  • Response verification to confirm all required questions are completed.
  • A save-and-resume feature to allow users to save and later resume a partially- completed survey.

  • Market Surveys: Administration
    The market survey process is conducted at maximum security levels, incentives, deadlines and notification of respondents. Market survey administration is complex but vital and that is why Market Key helps clients every step of the way. Its expertise and years of experience, Market Key administers the process in the easiest and most stress-free way possible.
HR Crisis Management - New Modules

MARKET KEY’s philosophy represents more than just words; it embodies the attributes used to serve internal and external locations. This philosophy entails:

_Taking accountability for results and expressing commitment to clients and candidates.
_Offering quality services to clients by demonstrating rather than declaring.
_Providing constant growth and development for personnel.
_Treating clients and employees with trust, respect and honesty.
_Mastering communication to suit corporate goals and sharing information and knowledge through our worldwide offices and branches.
_Listening and responding to clients and their needs.
_Employing Market Key’s best resources and the variety in cultural backgrounds to bring clients the best services.
_Thinking locally, responding to the client's immediate environment, and acting globally.
_Believing in change and coaching both clients and candidates by anticipating and meeting their queries, expectations and satisfaction.
_Using Market Key’s diversity in meeting client needs.
_Assessing success and measuring performance through profitability.

Market Key’s extensive knowledge of the businesses and industries in which its clients operate, helps clients to effectively meet and deal with their current business management challenges. Market Key strategically redefines business goals, specifically during times of economic downturn, to keep businesses running productively by:
              Defining novel requirements
              Efficiently implementing organizational, operational and system modifications which ensure    success of the organization.

 In short, Market Key transforms ideas into effective tangible realities.

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