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Learning & Development

We offer a variety of training courses and awareness seminars that cover a wide range of activities and skills.

We aim at developing long-term partnerships with our clients. And so by offering our training expertise, we lead their business and workforce on the joint road to success. We provide a wide range of training solutions, both off-the-shelf and those tailored specifically to the business.
Our training catalogue includes classic programs like Telephone Essentials to more advanced programs like Coaching and Developing a Team. Regardless of the business, our training programs are adapted to comply with the most demanding standards!

Training is one of the key elements to ensure the success of your day-to-day business. But alone is not enough! Your business needs to build the skills of those talented employees. And so, we aid you in identifying those within you workforces who display potential in order develop their skills on a regular basis to cope with current business requirements.

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Market Key coaches employees / clients to give them a fresh perspective on working practices and develop their careers

Coaching Strategy Features:
Coaching is a management technique that has become very popular in recent years. So as not to confuse similar terminologies, coaching in the business context is presented herein.  Coaches in business work together with employees and to a greater extent with managers, in personal one-to-one sessions.
Coaches provided by Market Key conduct discussions with individuals to highlight personal strengths and weaknesses and formulate individual work strategies that develop relevant skills. With current organizational change realities, Market Key coaches instruct individuals about their business climate, emphasizing the individual's strategic role in supporting the organization's new aims and values.
In the past, some of Market Key's large clients used to hire full-time coaches; nowadays, coaches are retained on a contract basis from the corporation's specialist list of consultants.
The everyday tasks of coaches will vary according to the needs of individuals coached . Some will need specialist help and support; while others may simply need their confidence reaffirmed and a friendly ear.

Market Key's coaches have its client's interests as the top priority. Coaching individuals is strictly for the benefit of the business. Building good working relationships with individuals and watching them succeed in their jobs is highly rewarding.

Market Key has what it takes!
Market Key's coaches have the qualifications and degrees, in occupational psychology for example, necessary to coach individuals. Qualities of a good coach include the following:

Good listener and manager. 

Always up to date.
Experts in the fields coached.

Monitoring & Evaluating

Mystery Shopping
Market Key is renowned for its intensive, detailed and accurate mystery customer evaluations. Mystery customers could get in touch with a client's business either in person, through a hidden video, by phone or through the web. The primary role is to evaluate and measure how well client procedures and standards are being followed by its employees.
Market Key's evaluators could interact with associates, purchase or return a product, order a meal, speak with customer service or simply observe how a particular process is conducted.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping

Service providers that rely on any type of employee-customer interactions will find Market Key's Mystery Customer Evaluations improve business.
Evaluations will:

  • Determine if employees have received the proper training.
  • Recognize exceptional employees.
  • Identify the time required to complete a transaction
  • Provide a 3rd party review of the physical appearance of business establishment and employees.
  • Determine if services are delivered as according to expectations.
  • Recognize gaps in management.
  • Identify areas where there needs to be increased employee training.
  • Identify potentially harmful shrinkage problems.

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