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Our Company Profile
Established in 1989, MARKET KEY is based in Beirut. During its more than quarter of a century existence, Market Key has extended its scope of services to cover the Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, North America, Africa and Europe. The company conducts various activities the majority of which include the following: Management Consultancy & Solutions, HR solutions, Learning, Development, Exhibition & Events, Publishing and Sustainability Solutions for Hospitality.

Market Key's services maintain a set of core values: Integrity, Quality, Teamwork, and Speed. Market Key's functional expertise and vigor, coupled with its desire to provide premier customer service, substantiates its values. MARKET KEY's reputation, built on quality and specialized services, has inexorably expanded due to the maintenance of its commitment to high performance and supreme industry knowledge.

Market Key's mission entails the study, analysis, execution of each client while understanding each country's culture, traditions and legal regulations.

Since 1995, MARKET KEY has provided hospitality and corporate sectors with exceptional candidates. Market-Key's candidates fulfill and exceed client requirements. Because Market-Key guarantees provision of paramount candidates to its clients, Market-Key has built perpetual client relationships that generate ongoing referrals and recurring businesses.  
Our Core Values
Market-Key's core values stem from the heart of its founder, Mounir El Khoury and his vision for the international business now operating in 23 worldwide cities. Over the past 20 years, Market-Key has expanded from its origins in the ancient city of Beirut to initially embrace major Middle East markets and expand to Asia, Europe, Africa, and most recently the Americas. As a trusted source for efficient, speedy and unmatched leadership, consultant, and management, Market-Key holds at its core the respect and awareness of clients' cultural diversity while representing specifically contracted client services. With sensitivity to each international market, Market-Key's odyssey progresses to cultivate continuous new horizons, consistent with global needs. In that vein, the Americas office debuted in December 2009, with trademarked services, Green Hotels of the World and Green Hotels of the World Society, as a conscientious steward, investment, and membership opportunity. 
The pursuit of excellence and discriminating service are hallmarks of Market-Key and its newest offspring, Market Key USA, LLC.
Vision & Mission
Market-Key's mission proclaims its corporate purpose, the standard against which corporate decisions and direction evolve...  Aspiring to bring the world's resources within client reach so their businesses can flourish, Market-Key's client commitments always deliver.  
This is the foundation upon which other actions are built. And it would have never withstood difficulties and pressures if it were not a sturdy foundation.

In a spirit of "service from the heart", Market-Key's hallmark is seamless transparency within the global community, bridging all continents as a trusted business partner while recognizing and celebrating essential qualities of each culture reflected in its global tapestry. Our Key elements " EXPECT!  EXPLORE!  UNDERSTAND!  ACHIEVE " 
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